Full Over Futon Bunk Bed For Teenager

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Full Over Futon Bunk Bed For Teenager – Teenagers don’t always want bunk beds and often times sharing a room is less than desirable. However, if you already have a bunk bed, or are looking for a bed that both your kids and eventually teenagers can use, a full over futon bunk bed can be a great choice to provide that transition as they continue to grow.

The great thing about full over futon bunk bed is that the lower bunk can often be converted into a foldable couch. This can be beneficial for teenagers as their space can be more customizable to allow for increased control and individuality. Teenagers will spend more time in their rooms then the average child. Privacy and alone time are much more important to the adolescent and providing them with a means to be more diverse in their activity can have lasting effects on the development of your teenager.

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Since rooms for your kids are often not as large as the master bedroom, space saving can play an important role in planning a room that is functional for a teenager. The full over futon bunk bed mattresses themselves are becoming significantly better in providing adequate support for the growing body and can lead to reduced back problems in the future. The mattresses are generally firm enough to provide an environment suitable for proper development and studies have shown that adequate support for the teenager will assist in reduced back problems in the future.

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Investing in a full over futon bunk bed at an earlier age is an economical means to both provide a bed that is like a tree house when they are younger and still have the convertibility as they age. Futon mattresses typically have a life span of about 10 years with adequate maintenance such as flipping the mattress monthly and avoiding excessive moisture with the use of a futon cover. Many designs are readily available from online suppliers as well as local retailers.