Elegance And Softness Lime Green Bedroom

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Lime green bedroom – color green is a perfect bet for bedroom decoration. It is color of spring, of hope, of nature, and an alternative that allows us to feel calm and relaxed in an intimate space such as bedroom. In addition, it has been shown that it has psychological benefits, that it provides a great dose of tranquility and that it has a rejuvenating effect. Color palette offers us multiple shades of this color full of chromatic possibilities and in here we will discover types of green for bedroom decoration that will help you enjoy a comfortable and perfect stay. One of most flattering tones for interiors is pistachio green.

Elegance and softness that it brings make it perfect both for youth spaces and for adult bedrooms. It combines perfectly with white, breaking neutrality of it and giving it, in turn, vividness. Lime green bedroom opens range of multiple possibilities. If we look for purity, we will combine it equally with white, if we look for warmth and a nod to natural, it will be fabulous with earth and brown tones. If we are looking for elegance to prevail, we will integrate a brilliant black tone with it. If we want to brighten a room that seems very subdued, we will paint walls in this color and integrate accessories, details and small furniture in shades such as orange, yellow or small touches of red.

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Another type of green for bedroom decoration is apple. It is a much more cheerful tone, although it does not lose softness and harmony, and full of life. With white, gives an effect of finesse and tranquility, so it is very appropriate in case that we are looking to decorate a child’s bedroom. A very special bet is to decorate room in shades of apples (fruits); that is, mix this lime green bedroom with garnet or dark red tones that resemble a red apple and other soft greenish yellows, even gold. We will be doing our particular tribute to this fruit while we follow an original chromatic pattern, alive and flattering.

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