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E A M E S bar stool  – Art decoration and modern furniture move bring fresh look forward. Below are the different types of furniture produce during different seasons in history. Today, this unique item is locate in a larger public area. Joseph Hoffman Cube 2 or 3 Sofa This model originally came from the early 20th century and is available in two main sizes (two and three seats). It will be perfect in almost any place, including study or family room. This furniture model has become popular for decades.

Inside is fill with PU foam and the exterior is cover with Italian leather. It strongly represents the simplicity that during this period of time, which mark the beginning of the Great Depression. E A M E S bar stool Chairs BRNO Cantilever (Brno chair) This is another very popular feature of the 1930’s is a base seat that can be place in any room, including living room or family room. It was originally placed in the bedroom.

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Coffee Table In 1948 this artwork was first present. It is ideal for home or can be place in office space. This is a triangular piece make of shiny glass benches locate on a base built uniquely on two legs. It was also rebuilt in the mid-1940s, but instead produce it all as a metal base. The mid-1950s seem to bring a new revolution. Modern furniture E A M E S bar stool designs were transfer to traditional styles that were popular in the early part of this century. Florence Knoll Sofa 3 seats The original Florence Knoll design variant is sold more frequently than other similar models. This famous female design was published in 1950.

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