DIY Tall Black Dresser

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Built-in tall black dresser and storage add a sense of luxury to your home and make the most of available floor space. You have a room with more than enough toilets. And would like to add built-in combined clothes storage, but you do not know where to start. Creating a DIY built-in tall black dresser is simply a matter of choosing the right furniture, creating a room for it in the wall and marrying it two

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First find a room to install your tall black dresser. You need enough open unused space behind the wall to accommodate your chest. You will also need to locate any pipes or cables that can stay in the wall. Probable rooms for your chest are in knee walls (the shortened wall along the sides of the attic rooms), under stairs, and in closets with plenty of extra space.

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Then buy or build a tall black dresser for the purpose. The main requirements are that it fits the room. And that it has a flat front without overhanging trim on the top, bottom or sides. The easiest and most cost effective method is to buy a used coffin to the size you need. Trim off or remove anything that keeps it front from getting flat, with drawers removed.