DIY Mirrored Dresser Decor

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DIY mirrored dresser – Nowadays dresser are still used for their drawers and storage. And keeping them well lit is of the utmost importance, since that is where a woman applies makeup. When it comes to lighting you have a range of options. If possible, make sure that your preparation table is near a window that receives direct sunlight, as this is the best light source for your preparation table during the day.

Consider placing a table lamp on both sides of the surface of the preparation DIY mirrored dresser. Make sure they are close enough to the mirror that their light is reflected and therefore doubled. Buffet lamps are perfect for this, since they are thin and do not take up much space, however they have a powerful soft glow.

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Consider installing a lamp on the wall on either side of your DIY mirrored dresser. Make sure it is possible to adjust the lights protruding the mirror so that it can reflect its light. The best way to do this is by buying swing arms wall lamps: with these you can adjust the angle of the lamps to your liking. Consider installing a light bar that contains three or four light bulbs on each side of the mirror. This will give you plenty of lighting during the night. And give your dresser a style reminiscent of Hollywood.

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