Decorate Low Bunk Beds For Kids

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Low bunk beds for kids offer space-saving solutions for children sharing a bedroom, or a child who often has friends overnight. Incorporate the large, bulky furniture in your design and decor, so it does not get a nasty one. Bunk beds can be incorporated into almost any bedroom theme as part of the decor. Bunk beds can also combine more than one theme or color scheme in a single room without the two themes or colors colliding if the room is shared.


Paint the walls in the room.  Paint the upper half of the room one color and the bottom half another color, if two children share rooms that prefer different, but complement each other, colors. Arrange low bunk beds for kids in the most logical space that allows for extra space in the room but does not cover any windows, doors or wardrobe. Put boxes or other storage under the bottom bunk or on either side of the bunk bed if the construction allows.

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Desk, chair, shelves and chest of drawers fit and make sense for the child’s needs. Use different low bunk beds for kids for the two brats if you use two main colors, or if there are two children sharing the space. This allows each child to adjust his bed. Bind in the color scheme with curtains, a colorful coat or a rug. Hang posters, drawings, pictures or sculptures on the walls. If there are two children who share a room, consider hanging something personally over all their beds, as their names are spelled out with decorative wooden blocks.

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Peel-and-stick adhesive stickers are another option. Accessorize the room with small lights for each floor, shelves to show stuffed animals, toys that go with the theme of the room or awards and trophies. Incorporate storage with baskets or drawers that fit the shelves, under the low bunk beds for kids or in the wardrobe.