Cross Back Bar Stools Ideas

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Cross Back Bar Stools – Do you have a countertop bar in your kitchen and are planning to build a bar stool or two for that? This article goes through step-by-step instructions on building a simple wood swivel bar stool. You only need some carpentry tools, plywood, wood stains or paint you choose a turntable and hardware.


Cutting pieces for your Cross Back Bar Stools. Cut four 3-meter pieces from the 2-to-2s with the circular saw for the legs. Cut a 10-inch square piece from plywood. Draw a 1-foot-4-inch square box on a piece of plywood. Mark the center of this box by tapping a nail into the plywood. Tie one end of the cord around the nail and extend it to the center of one of the edges of the box. Use jigsaw to cut the circle from plywood. Sand all uneven edges outside the cut pieces. Apply the bite or color you want and allow to dry.

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Construct your Cross Back Bar Stools. Lay two leg pieces on the floor parallel to each other 7 inches apart. Place a 7-inch long piece between the legs at one end so that you have three sides of a rectangle. Place another 7-inch piece between the legs 2 meters away from the other 7-inch piece. Screw it to both legs with 2½-inch screws. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and build another similar section using the other two legs and two shorter sections. Place the two sections on the side of one leg parallel to each other 7 inches apart so that the 7-inch

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