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Blue Bunk Bed Tent

Bunk bed tent – they are the ‘kings’ of the house and as such, deserve a reign to match the circumstances. The children’s room is the safest spaces for them, in which they develop their creativity, play, read, share stories and live a thousand and one adventures, all without leaving in a few square meters. To encourage this environment of creativity and fun, deco trends in children’s furniture and textiles often bring a good number of ideas each season to help us create the perfect environment for the ‘kids’ at home. Do you want some tips?

The bunk bed tent is possibly the most important element of the children’s room, and is practically universal for every room, regardless of how we decorate it. The new trends have been turned into a revival of the most functional beds, which serve as both storage at the bottom, or structured on several levels, either in bunk mode or a combination of bunk and trundle bed, with a third bed base in the lower part of the bed. In this range also enter the sofas nest, for slightly older children who want to enjoy more space in their own room.

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The storage space can be reserved for bed linen, which nowadays also includes canopies or curtains with prints that serve to animate the ‘children’s room’, or simply incorporate a predetermined theme, for example of pirates. The storage closely follows the bunk bed tent in terms of furniture, both in the form of stackable boxes and other more fun variants like hangers with funny shapes, baskets, or one of the bestseller of the season, bags and cloth bags the paper. These types of solutions make it very easy for children to pick up, for example, their own toys or dirty clothes. For stackable or elevated storage solutions, such as cabinets, drawers or rails, it is essential to place them at a height that is within reach of the ‘kids’.

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