Children Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

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Shabby chic bedroom ideas – This is a decorative style that you like a lot and that is inspired by the country houses. It has defined qualities such as the use of pastel colors such as light blue, pink, lilac, green and white as the protagonist. Shabby chic bedroom also takes advantage of the floral print on both fabrics and wallpaper. And in details such as vases with roses or paintings with floral images. It is perfect for the decoration of shabby chic children’s bedrooms for girls. Although using the sky blue and green as well as other combinations can also be used in the children’s bedroom.

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This style of decoration of children’s shabby chic bedroom ideas. It is clear on the colors to use and the colors that should always be pastel, the floral accent and the furniture. The furniture has to have a certain old appearance. Whether they are old or that appearance is achieved through the techniques of patinas that are used to age. Or make old decorative details look like furniture, tables, headboards and others. And this is very important in the environment of shabby chic decoration. So take into account when designing your shabby chic bedroom.

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Having already clarified what is the shabby chic bedroom ideas decoration. And that you can take advantage of to renew the look of the bedroom of the children of the house. So choosing appropriate furniture and taking advantage of the colors. Using floral details on the wallpaper as the bedding and curtains. You will have what you need to make the room look as charmingly decorated as any bedroom.