Bunk Bed With Trundle: More Useful Than You Think

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Bunk bed with trundle – Dare with a different decoration for bedroom of little ones, try with a custom bunk! Furniture made to measure gives you possibility to make most of spaces of your house, especially bedrooms. Do you want to know most original ideas? A pirate ship, a large exotic tree or a cottage in countryside … Discover this proposals with custom bunk beds to decorate children’s rooms. Some ideas of most fun that will surprise whole family, especially little ones in house.

Classic berths can sometimes be a complicated or impractical piece of furniture for a small bedroom. Tailored berths, on other hand, give you total freedom to use space in what you need most and you have a great margin to place cabinets or drawers in your structure. These bunk bed with trundle also have a look reserved for your most creative side, and you can create all kinds of fun shapes for children’s bedrooms. A decoration inspired by cabin of a boat with tailored berths: what child has not dreamed of being captain of a pirate ship? Create a sailor-inspired d├ęcor and get yourself bundled up with bunk beds similar to those found in boat cabins. Only suitable for kids!

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Custom-made bunk bed with trundle for a Nordic-style bedroom: grab some high berths and decorate them like a tree. Accompany decor with Nordic touches such as wooden furniture and natural plants. A dream house: to read, play, imagine incredible stories … bed is a very important place for children, their private retreat. Decorate berths as you would a small cabin in middle of field with its windows and curtains. In reduced space bedrooms , custom-made bunk beds can be your best allies. Get some bunk beds that combine storage solutions like a closet or small drawers and take advantage of lower bed as a sofa.

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