Building Square Bar Table

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Square Bar Table – Entertaining friends in your home can be a fun way to spend some quality time together. Quality furniture can certainly help, but it is often a burdensome cost. With a little knowledge, make your own coffee table can wow your friends and give a conversation piece for the living room or the one. You can customize the size that suits your needs, but for this item. Table measures 24 inches square on the top and 18 inches from the floor.


With the top of the table down, position and even center all four rail bits in the center of the Square Bar Table underside. This will look like an open corner square that will be used for stage attachments later. With the rails sitting on their 1 1/4 “side, put each fillet bit flush on the inside of each rail bit. Screw the fillets to the table surface, then screw the rails into fillets. Slide the support blocks into place between each fillet corner and screw.

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Chisel one corner of each leg at 45 degree angle. This helps to create a firmer screw connection. Slide each leg into the corners created by rail pieces, with the flat corner facing outwards. Drill a whole size coach bolt at the center of each support block, stop as it slightly cleans the flat surface of the leg. Screw in each trolley bolt, cut first, and then fasten the wing nuts. Bets, paint or clearing the table, if desired and allow drying properly. Sand when dry with find sandpaper to make sure the Square Bar Table surface is completely smooth.

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