Building Log Bunk Beds

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Log bunk beds are decoratively rustic and fit the atmosphere in many cottages. They are often made of pine or cedar. Cedar is more expensive than numbers, but when pine is dyed and kept indoors, it will last for as long. Bunk beds like these can cost hundreds of dollars. Bunk beds are popular for many reasons, including saving on space, with an extra bed, or just because the children think bunk beds are cool. If you want to make your child’s bunk bed in a playhouse, you have some options. One is to buy a prefabricated combination, a product that is becoming increasingly popular.


These are the posts on your log bunk beds. Cut both ends of each 4-inch diameter log with your hand saw, 2 inches from each end, and 1-inch depth around the perimeter. Chisels wood off around your cuts so the 2-inch ends these logs are 2 inches in diameter. Drill four 2-inch diameter-by-2-inch deep holes in each 76-inch log. Space the holes so that they are 14 inches apart, along the same side so centers are aligned. Place two posts so they stand upright, 72 inches apart, with a pair of holes facing each other, and the other pair of holes toward you. Place the ends of two 76-inch logs in the holes facing each other.

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The 2-inch holes in 76-inch logs must be parallel to the floor, and perpendicular to the posts. Screw through the posts and at the ends of the 76-inch logs. Repeat this process with the other two posts and two 76-inch logs. These are the sides of your log bunk beds. Place the sides of your bunk so as to stand upright, parallel and 30 inches apart. Place the ends of each 34-inch log in the holes on the 76-inch logs. Screw through 76-inch logs and at the ends of the 34-inch logs. Slip bunk with medium and fine paper quality sand. Wipe off the throat and apply your bets.

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