Building Custom Bar Stools

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Custom Bar Stools offer more flexibility than traditional chairs while taking up less space. This also makes them easier and cheaper to build than rotating chairs, and you can decorate the ones you want. Building them yourself, you can also add personal details, like making them regardless of the height and width you want.


Cut 4-of-4-inch timber with a saw in four legs approximately equal to the height you want the seat to be. Draw a circle of whatever diameter you want for the Custom Bar Stools on a sheet of 1/2-inch plywood. You will cut this to serve as a base for the seat. Seats usually measure about 15 inches above, but you may want it more or less depending on your own size and comfort. Divide 2-by-2-inch timber into four pieces to form a square frame that fits even within the circle of the seat, 1 inch from the outer edges of the circle. T

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O gets a correct measurement; subtract the width of the legs from each Custom Bar Stools, as these pieces will form the support cards that will stretch between the legs. Lay them aside after cutting them. Cut the circle with a saw. Lay out three 2-by-6-inch boards flat, so they measure 18 inches above, and place the circle on top. Depending on the size of the circle you drew, it may or may not cover all boards. Use a pen and draw around the circle. Cut the circle from these boards as well. Screw the legs into place approximately 1 diagonal inch from the circle’s edge, from the top of the circle and use 3-inch screws.

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