Building Bunk Bed Full Over Full

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Bunk bed full over full are often found in dorms, cottages or camps. They provide a larger sleeping space in each floor for those who enjoy a little extra space. Building bunk beds for full mattresses is a relatively simple task, and can be done quickly with standard building work, hardware and tools. A bunk bed like this might not be as decorative as the frames bought in store, but it will be cheaper to build.


To create frames of bunk bed full over full, position two 78-inch discs on the edge, parallel to each other, and 54 inches apart. Set two 54-inch discs perpendicular to them on the edge, and 75 inches apart. Screw through 78-inch discs, and at the ends of the 54-inch discs. Use eight screws for this task. You should have a rectangular frame with inside measurements of 54-by-75 inches. The 57-inch board must also be parallel to the 54-inch discs, and 16 inches away from one of them. Turn the board to the 78-inch discs in this position. Screw another board to the same frame in the same way, but 16 inches away from the opposite 54-inch board. Repeat this process on the second frame with two last 57-inch discs. These frames will keep your box of feathers and mattresses.

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To create your bottom bunk, lay two 72-inch discs so they are parallel and 78 inches apart. Set one of the frames perpendicular to them so it rests on one of the 78-inch discs. Use 8 screws for this task, so four screws indicate each 72-inch on board. To create the legs for your bunk bed full over full, place the last frame between the 72-inch discs in the same way, but 25 inches away from the opposite ends. Screw through 54-inch discs on this frame and into 72-inch discs, just as you did in the last step. Screw through 54-inch discs on the opposite end and into the last two 72-inch discs. The 72-inch discs on each side should be parallel and 47 inches apart.

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