Building Bar Height Kitchen Table

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Bar Height Kitchen Table – Building a small kitchen table is a big project for someone with a bit of experience building and limited access to power tools. With nothing but a screwdriver, table saw, tape measure, screwdriver and sandpaper, you can build a beautiful table that will keep generations. This table is described here is about 6 meters with 4 feet and 36 inches high. Customize the table by choosing a floor that matches the style and interior of your home and budget.


Choose that type of wood to make your Bar Height Kitchen Table. White Pine is a versatile and cheap hardwood that can be colored light or dark to match your interior. Clear White Pine is a bit more expensive, but without a kits hole. Buy the wood at a local timber farm or home improvement store. Select nine 2-times-4 discs for the tabletop. Choose each part individually. Look down the length of the board, making it straight. Buy 6-foot long boards and jump by cutting them to fit.

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Show up boards on a flat surface parallel to each other. Put the most attractive surface on top. Cut 12-foot long 2-times-4 aboard three equal sized pieces. This Bar Height Kitchen Table will keep your table top together from the bottom. Lay these cross slices over your worktop boards and screw them together with a wooden screw. Make sure there are no gaps. Cut three 1-of-6 slices in the middle, so they are each 36 inches long. These are your legs. (A 36-inch play will be left over.) Pre-pierce holes in cross-discs where you will put your legs. Screw the legs by attaching two legs at both ends and one directly in the center of the table.

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