Build Metal Twin Bunk Beds

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Metal twin bunk beds are lightweight and come in many colors and styles. You can make traditional twin over twin bunk beds from metal if you have basic tools and about one day to devote to the project. Buy ready-made metal materials, or cut them yourself. Drill screw holes in the metal at suitable locations. Construct the bed in the bedroom so you do not have to move it after you build it. 2. Place a 41 1/2 inch metal bar at either end of two 78-inch bars. Screw these together to create a frame rectangle bed. Screw the elbows in length inside the rectangles bed frame 4 inches from each end two supports in the center of the frame for additional support. Repeat this step to make the other rectangle double bed frame.

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Mark four corner metal twin bunk beds frames of 12 inches for the bottom bed and 48 inches up from the bottom for the crossover. Use tape measure to make sure everything is even. Connect 49 3/4 inch bed stools to the bed frames at the corner of the marks with transport elongated neck bolts. Insert the bolt into pre-drilled holes. Turn the nut on the bolt and hold the nut in place with the pliers channel lock while tightening the bolt with a wrench. 4. Prepare to connect the protective rails to the float by marking the corner posts of 55 3/4 inches and 61 05/03 inches.

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Screw the guard rail to each corner post end. Make sure that the protective rack is at least 5 inches above the metal twin bunk beds mattress for safety, but also see any opening in bunk beds is small enough to avoid body parts from slipping through. Build the ladder with two 57 3/4 inch metal posts and screw five ladders 12 inches apart between the posts. Secure the ladder firmly on the top of the bed with trolleys. Add the mattress and bedding to the end bed metal bunk bed. Continue maintenance over the years by checking that the screws and bolts are still tight.