Black 5 Drawer Dresser Bedroom

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Black 5 drawer dresser makes a bedroom feel elegant. Chests of drawers made with soft or hard woods come in many different finishes. In addition to providing you with safe storage space for your favorite garments, the dresser top provides a great place to display photos. Keeps your chest of drawers looking good over the years by giving it the right care. Caring for your chest of drawers today will extend the life of furniture and give you many years of good service

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Place your furniture in your bedroom away from sustained direct sunlight. Continuous exposure to the hot sun will shrink the tree and dry the wood’s oils. Hang the blinds and curtains if the black 5 drawer dresser should be near the window. Also, do not place your furniture over hot ventilation openings or near a fireplace.

Clean your black 5 drawer dresser weekly by wiping away dust with a soft oyster tree. Wipe furniture on top sides and back. Occasionally empty drawers and wipe them with a slightly damp oyster tree. Tuck cedar blocks in wooden drawers to counteract pests. If you notice an insect attack, wrap your plastic wrap dresser and insulate it from your other furniture. Call a professional conservator or specialized pest control to treat the chest of drawers.

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