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Small dresser with mirror – The first step of how to make small dresser with mirror is to see where to place it. The normal thing is to find the toilets in the bedrooms, bathrooms or other places that we use to fix ourselves. But you can put it in the living room if you want, why not? What we do recommend is that in the place where you put it, have good natural light. In this way, you will be able to see yourself perfectly at the time of makeup. Since the light will intensify the colors of the cosmetics, or if you need to comb your hair. Where will you put yours?

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After seeing the place where you will place it. You continue with how to make small dresser with mirror by looking at the style of it. This will depend a lot on the colors and style of furniture that you have in the room where you want to locate the small dresser with mirror. To keep everything in harmony, you will have to go online with the room.

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In this style sober tones predominate, that is, gray, white or black. Smooth and angular or curved tables, with few drawers. Well, a large central drawer, or some to the side. Simple and smooth accessories of the same colors mentioned above. Add color with your chair. Enter a silver chair, for example, and put a large cushion of a strong color.