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Fire Truck Bedroom Design

Fire truck bedroom is best for some small children, firefighters and fire trucks are almost as cool as it gets. When the boy in his life loves to play with fire trucks and dreams of becoming a real fireman someday, decorate his room so he can feel like he is already there. If your child has a simple bed, create a header for him that fits his fire truck theme. Use a square or rectangular piece of wood from the headboard and paint it so it looks like the profile of a fire truck. Trim excess wood on the hood and other areas that do not cover the entire piece of wood. You can do this very simply and simply draw the silhouette of the fire truck, with wheels and then paint it red. Or you can do this elaborately, with all the details that a fire truck has, such as hoses and ladders.

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As many of the accessories with your red fire truck bedroom, consider choosing another color for the walls. Other than red, the color that is probably most associated with fire trucks is bright yellow, so consider that color for the walls. Then, stencil or paint a large fire truck on a wall, or a bunch of small fire trucks on the walls. Buy a set of unfinished furniture for the child’s room. Then, prime the furniture and paint red fire engine. Another idea for furniture is to make a game of Dalmatians, who are known as firefighters’ companions. Paint the white furniture and add black spots.

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Make the theme of the fire truck come alive with accessories for the fire truck bedroom. Buy a fireman’s coat and boots and hang them on hooks on the wall. Put shelves on the wall and place plastic fireman helmets, books on fire engines and fire truck figurines on the shelves. Buy a large toy fire truck for your child and let him sit on the floor like a toy and a decoration.

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