Best Bunk Beds With Storage And Desk

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Bunk beds with storage and desk – When there are several children sharing a room, putting them in bunk beds saves space on floor. When planning bunk beds for your children’s room, consider how you can arrange for most effective design and storage options regardless of size of room. Instead of a traditional design with bunk beds stacked directly on top of each other, place double L-shaped bunk beds. Place lower bed to protrude at a perpendicular angle, or 90 degrees, to top bed. Use additional space under top bed as work area by adding a desk, or add shelves, a rug, and bean bags or cushions to create a reading area.

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If children have a lot of toys, install toy boxes and a rubber mat to create a play area. If you only have one child now, set bottom bed as a miniature sofa to create more space to sit in room. Sharing a room can make your children feel they have no personal space; use bunk beds with storage and desk to give them their own little kingdoms. Curtains hang from bottom edge of overhead berth to protect bottom berth and ceiling to create a privacy screen for overhead berth. Put individual lights on wall so that each child can read or draw without disturbing other. Install curtains or curtains on a rod so they can be easily sideways during day.

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To add storage and make an easier way to get to top bunk than by a ladder, create a set of wide steps that go from floor up. Install a drawer under side of each vertical plate to hold toys, clothing and games. This type of bunk beds with storage and desk is best for older children who are not likely to fall down stairs. If a ladder is easier for your child to use, install drawers behind him, with his back toward end of bunk and a handle that can be accessed between steps.