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Bedroom layout ideas – The bed is the central point of the bedroom. Place it on the side of the window. Well the light will not bother you. However, before buying it, you have to consider that the place where you are going to place it has at least 40 cm free on each side for the bedside tables.  Another important element is the closet. If you have enough space, you can leave a whole wall to place it. If you do not want the environment to appear visually overcrowded, buy it white and not too high.

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Bedroom layout ideas, you could complement with a comfortable, always useful to have an easier access to your clothes. Regarding your doors, we recommend that they be sliding. They are a little more expensive but you will gain space. However, if you choose a wardrobe with swing doors, consider that you should leave about 80 cm free so that it can be opened comfortably.

The wooden floors can give the bedroom layout ideas a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness, but unless we have under floor heating, putting a carpet is the best option, bearing in mind that you will walk barefoot at least once in a while. Another point that we must consider is that, if we are light sleepers or live in a somewhat noisy neighborhood at night, the carpets help muffle the sounds, but not the wooden floors. That said, you can always achieve a medium term by enabling areas of soil where wood is prime and others where there are soft carpets on which our bare feet can walk freely.

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