Bedroom Ideas For Unique Bunk Beds

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Unique bunk beds – When you have several children sharing a room, putting them in bunk beds saves floor space. As you plan bunk beds for your child’s room, consider how to arrange them to make the most effective layout and storage options regardless of the size of the room. Instead of a traditional bunk bed layout with a stacked directly above the other, place two unique bunk beds in an L shape. Place the lower bed to protrude on a perpendicular, or 90-degree, angle to the upper bed. Use the extra space under the top bed as a workplace by placing a desk, or adding bookshelves, a carpet and beans bags or cushions to create a reading corner. If the kids have a lot of toys, install toy boxes and a rubber mat to create a playground. If you only have a child now, set the bottom bed as a miniature sofa to create extra seating in the room.

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To add storage and make an easier way to get to the translator than with a ladder, create a set of wide steps leading from the floor up. Install a box under the side of each trunk to hold toys, clothes and games. This type of unique bunk beds is best for older children who are not likely to fall down the stairs. If a ladder is easier for your child to use, install the drawers behind it, with the back facing the end of the bunk bed and a handle that can be reached between the ladders.

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Create a built-in design to make unique bunk beds look like they are original to the house. Install individual beds along one wall and recess them with boards and casting that make it look like the beds were built while resting the structure. Put boxes or shelves underneath to continue the look and provide extra storage; on very long walls, install bookshelves on either side of the beds.