Bedroom End Tables Ideas

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Bedroom end tables – Atmosphere and comfort in your bedroom is important. Unlike the living or dining room, most visitors do not look at the bedroom so it can reflect your style and personality. There are many alternatives, from bright or soothing colors to modern or traditional furniture. Pushing up in small ways can make a big difference. Although some designers wrinkle on painting wooden furniture, it may be a good addition to smaller formal rooms, such as bedrooms. Convert a desk or console to a vanity with a colorful paint makeover or make stands from newly painted occasional or end tables.

It is an economical and creative way to reuse and reimagine traditional furniture.  The key to success is to match the existing wooden version with the right type of paint. Traditional bedroom end tables can be easily used as a bedroom bedside table that provides plenty of space for books, a water glass, an alarm clock and a reading lamp. We can also place accessories like candlesticks, crystal perfume bottles, and delicate hinged boxes. Also animal statues at the end tables and dressers. For another idea is, look for scratches and shame end tables on thrift stores and make sales.

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With a little remodeling fits the bedroom decor, matched a set of end tables, or two different tables, will look like they are just like home next to the bed. So, thoroughly wash the end tables with oil soap with clean filler. Rub all the scratches and bugs with steel wool, which roughen the structure of the entire end tables. Then use paint or stain wood and wax finish to the entire surface of the end tables with a brush. And the last, place the bedroom end tables on each side of the head of the bed, near electrical outlets.

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