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Bedroom interior design – Create the last corner in the corner of your house by designing a bedroom with your own personal style. If you want to design a passionate space, select soft fabrics and colors that evoke emotions. Rich burgundy bedding with brown accent walls, lace curtains and white crown moldings add a sophisticated and classic romantic look. Rich colors such as burgundy are ideal for a romantic room. However, you can also create an elegant space by using other colors and dark furniture. Paint the walls light lavender, and fill the room with cherry wood furniture, such as a four-poster bed, cabinets and bedside tables.

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Choose soft purple curtains to hang in the canopy bedroom interior design. Select sterling silver lamps with white lampshades and other details in sterling silver, such as outdated hand mirrors and frames to place on your dresser. Choose dark purple bedding with velvet trim to tie everything together. The accents of light and darkness blend very well, creating a dreamy look in the room. Add additional indulgences, such as a full potpourri vase on the small table next to your bed.

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A classic bedroom interior design is simple, with clean lines. This type of room has light colored walls, such as beige. However, you can also paint a large green or burgundy forest accent wall. Choose the basic black or white furniture. Select decoration elements and other colors that blend well with the modern look. Picture framed black basic photos and sterling silver pendant mirrors add a final touch to this type of room.