Beach Bedspread Coverlet Does Not Collect Sand

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Beach bedspreads – For a comfortable holiday on the beach, many are taking bedspread blanket with them. This is very convenient since it is not necessary to lie on a bar or sand and your things are protected from debris. Especially relevant beach covers for people who are on holiday with a large family, but also for single travelers, it is also worth buying.

One of the news in recreation was a beach deck, sifting sand and protects against getting rubbish to the surface from below. This knowledge was presented to the US Company CGear. The manufacturer claims that with the beach bedspreads cover it is not necessary to shake the sand, it will settle down. This is due to the fact that it is made of two words of interlaced polymeric fibers.

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It’s so nice beach bedspreads coverlet litter in two versions. First, CGear Sand-Free Food. A coarse product that looks like a mat, so it should be laid with a soft cloth. But it can be laid on the beach with sharp shells or rigid grass, not afraid of tearing. Produced in the shape of a square with sides of 1.8 m, 2.5 m and 3 m two colors. And second, CGear Sand-Free Rug. A softer mat, so lying on it, you cannot do anything from above. This variation is available in four colors.

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