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Patio bar table set – Ideal to relax with friends, a patio bar table set makes a good addition to a family room. Helping to bring the feeling of an English pub to the comfort of home, the table can create an informal atmosphere for billiards. In addition, you will not have to deal with the cost and inconvenience of leaving. Publication tables are cheap and easy to build.

Ideas for make patio bar table set, mark 1 and cut the pieces of wood that are used to build the board. Cut a piece of 3 feet by 4 feet of plywood with a circular saw. 4 Make two feet long by four legs of two. We saw another two by four in three parts, each 2 feet, 9 inches long. Cut one four by four into four 3 foot long pieces. Sort the cut wood. It will consist of two 4 foot long two by four legged; three-two on four legs, each 2 feet, 9 inches long; 3 and four feet long four by four.

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Then for make patio bar table set, sand the edges of the wood until they are soft. Then paint or dye the wood, giving them time to dry. Use the five-two by four pieces of wood to build the frame. Set both pieces 4 feet 3 feet apart and on the edge, parallel to each other. Next, place two of the 2 foot, 9-inch pieces between them, forming a rectangle. Join all four sections using 2 1/2 inch screws. Create the center beam by executing the remainder of 2 feet, 9-inch piece of wood by the center of the frame. It must be perpendicular to both the 4-foot pieces of wood.

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