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Black and white bedroom ideas – When choosing colors to decorate, a classic that still has many followers is the black and white duo. Two colors that complement each other perfectly, becoming an undying tandem. Neither white nor black are synonymous with boredom, monotony or darkness. Depends on how we use it, of course, that as with any other color. For bedding you can prefer straight lines and uniform classic prints. Or choose designs, borders and flowers with equally extraordinary results.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of the seventh art. This combination of color will bring you the nostalgia of classic cinema, which have allowed throughout history to capture unrepeatable moments immortalizing them for eternity. So if you are attracted by this monochromatic. Magical and serene vision of your everyday life, black and white bedroom ideas decoration is best for you.

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The black and white bedroom ideas furniture is also another point of support to create great black and white scenarios. Bedside tables, cupboards and wardrobes, shelves, tables and chairs … any of these elements are part of the set and you can play with them in different colors. Predominance of white is more luminosity for the stay. Predominance of black is more modernity and solidity. With black and white you can create from minimalist scenarios to more flirtatious styles, modern trends or rustic inspirations. The accessories with which you complement the main decoration will be definitive to establish the style you want.

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