Antique Dresser With Mirror Clean Ideas

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Antique dresser with mirror – If you do not carry out an adequate and constant cleaning of your furniture. It will lose its natural shine, as well as accumulate dust and other substances that will make your appearance worsen noticeably. The trick on how to clean a dresser that we propose below is suitable for wooden furniture. The first thing you should do is remove all possible decorative elements that are placed on the sideboard. This way you can work more easily.

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If your antique dresser with mirror had drawers, also take out the contents of your interior and so when you put them back you can use them to sort them. Now is the time to remove the dirt that is lodged in the surface of the sideboard. To achieve this, simply pass the dry and clean cloth gently over the entire surface of the dresser. When cleaning a piece of wood, excess water is not recommended, hence you should use a dry cloth.

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Pass the dry and clean cloth also through all the drawers that you have previously emptied. Now that you have removed the dust from the sideboard, the next step on how to clean antique dresser with mirror is to squeeze a lemon. Add the lemon juice to a bowl and add a little olive oil and a little lavender oil.